6 Week Holistic Weight Loss Lipotropic Rapid Weight Loss Program

We are so excited for you to start our Holistic Weight Loss Rapid Weight Loss Program!

This Program gives you a strong foundational base of nutrition. Helps to eliminate any sugar or carb cravings and addictions you may have and sets you up for an easy weight loss journey. If you currently eat large amount of sugary foods on a daily basis OR have sugar or carb addict tendencies then this program is for YOU! 

We want to set you up for the best success possible and to feel great while achieving that.

 Included in the six-week program:

  • Full Holistic Weight Loss Injections and supplies
  • A 10 Day Pre-Program that includes:
  • FREE Shaker Water Bottle: Water bottle includes a shaker ball that can stay in bottle even if not used, does not rust, chip or peel. BPA Free. Rubber Gasket to prevent leaking. Wide mouth opening. Fits in most cup holders. Has an accessory clip/handle. Perfect for on the go protein shakes or drinks. 
  • 30 Injection Supply of Lipo-Vite: Our most powerful lipotropic injection that may help to burn fat, suppress appetite, increase energy mental clarity and focus, and metabolize fats more efficiently by providing liver support. This version of lipotropics is very detoxifying. It supports really deep sleep.
  • FREE "Effortless Healing Book' by Dr. Joseph Marcola: Enjoyable, quick read that provides knowledge on weight maintenance and stability. A great reference guide to a lifestyle after Holistic Weight Loss.


Weekly Accountability Check-Ins: This program is supervised by our expert Holistic Weight Loss program coordinators and coaches. Step by Step Path to Permanent and Sustainable Weight Loss. You will get access to the best information and support available, working with Dr. Julia and our team of coaches.

* Unlimited e-mail support in between coaching sessions.

* Lifetime access to HCG National Medical Weight Loss- a private Facebook community where we cheer loudly+inspire frequently+support unconditionally.

* All the knowledge and the tools and skills you will need to reshape every aspect of your lifestyle including hydration, mindset, nutrition, managing difficult emotions and your relationship with food.

     We will be with you every step of the way, and after your program to be sure that you maintain the results you achieve.

    Thank you for choosing Body Detox & Weight Loss Center and we look forward to taking care of you.

    Testimonials Holistic Weight Loss:

    I had done HCG before but I was so hungry and frustrated because all I can think about was sugar and that’s been my problem for a very long time. When I was on Dr. Julias’ RX HCG, I noticed that I wasn’t hungry, I barely thought about food, my mental state of being improved and I was able to do the whole 6 weeks and didn’t want to stop. I could have kept going even after I was finished with my program. I lost almost 100 pound after 2 of the 6 week rounds.

    E.M. 44, Spokane Wa

    “I have lost all the bad fat from my body. I have more energy than I ever thought to be possible at age 48. I am now strong and lean and I intend on it staying that way. Thanks to the entire staff!! The Lipotropic Injections really helped me with the HCG. If you are a couch potato like I was, and if you are eating bad foods late at night, or even in the middle of the night, then I encourage you to start right now. I am so glad I did.

    Rathdrum Idaho, Diana Brandt, 48 year old Wife and Mom

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