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10 Injection Lipo-Vite Lipotropic

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Say Hello to your inner glow. This lipotropic blend will get you back to you! Compliments well with HCG or any other weight loss program.

Our most powerful Lipotropic injection may help to:

  • Burn Fat
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Increase Energy, Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Metabolize fats more efficiently by providing liver support.
  • Very Detoxifying
  • Supports Deep Sleep
  • Support curb of sugar and carbohydrate craving

 Your RX, syringes, alcohol wipes, shipped right to your front door, upon medical consultation.

  • 1 Medical Consultation
  • 1 Telemedicine Coaching Consultation
  • Nutritional Plan
  • 10 mL of Lipovite

All consultations are constructed through our secured Telemedicine operating system.

 * Currently Washington State Only. We are able to service all who are physically in Washington State, visitor or resident.


 "Lipovite is AMAZING! I have so much more energy that I feel like working out. I also notice it puts me in a much better mood!!!"

D.P., Consultant and Fitness Instructor, Age 48, Mead, Wa

 "I remember being tired, overwhelmed and having terrible premenstrual moods. I was searching for a healthy energy boost to keep up with being a working mom, and wanting help to get my figure back after babies. This really targets the “belly fat” like no other. Now I can enjoy having steady, calm and focused energy, my belly has shrunk and my cycle can even surprise me because I don't have that terrible week prior. If anyone wants to feel better, I suggest doing with Lipovite. It's the best there is."

J.W. -Mom and Entrepreneur Age 38, Seattle Wa

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