In the beginning of your journey, we start here. We get your mind healthy by giving it proper nutrients and fats, thus lowering mental stress and anxiety that can dictate what we eat and how we feel. We utilize personal coaching sessions to promote a healthy mind set of awarness, self love, and positivity.

For this program we use a rapid fat loss system where we combine the use of a prescription, vitamin therapy, and a restrictive diet to help you lose weight. This program works directly through the hypothalamus in the brain to help reset your metabolism and tell your body to use it's deep fat stores for fuel.

This program focuses more on body composition. Helping to build lean muscle mass, and fat loss as a side benefit. We use a prescription peptide, vitamin therapy, Keto Fuel, Brain Fuel, and a whole food, low carb, clean diet. The goal is to balance the body's composition, blood sugar, hormones, sleep, and energy. Structuring a new lifestyle and way of eating that represents Zelo Living.

We're excited to introduce our new Zelo Living App!

Track hydration, supplements, food, weight, and sleep.

With an option to use Zelo's Smart Scale that sync's your weight and body index (fat and muscle) straight to the app. Also sync your smart watch (Apple, FitBit, Garmin, or Zelo Smart Watch). This will be a great tool for all Zelo clients. Giving you and your coach remote access to stay on your plan from anywhere.

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What Sets Us Apart

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding weight loss. We have discovered that the need for weight loss is the result of many factors, not just lack of exercise and food intake, it is much more. It includes, but is not limited to, the types and quality of foods we eat, our mindset and beliefs, our self talk, and lack of self care and self love.

At Zelo, we work on balancing the mind and the body by addressing brain health and mindset along with tapping into the science of the body. When you can align your body, mind, and habits, you have a better chance at sustaining your results, allowing you to live optimally and ending the dieting cycle. 

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