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I started Zelo’s Lean Body Program yesterday…. Here’s what happened so far.

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Let’s be real, I am really good at starting programs then fading out. Kind of my M.O. But this time, with a changed mindset, I have entered this program with a desire to see it to the end! I originally started this program thinking that it was a 21-day deal. Turns out, it is only a 14-day commitment, and let me tell you, I feel so much surer about my ability to complete the program (I actually believe in myself).  I think that was one of my biggest challenges… starting a program with restrictions for a longer period than I...

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Metabolic Rejuvenation: Mind + Body... How to Start Off on the Right Foot

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/blogs/news/metabolic-rejuvenation-mind-body-how-to-start-off-on-the-right-foot Here are somethings you can make sure you do, from start to finish, to ensure you are ready to go at every stage.

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