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The Microbiome: Weight Maintenance and Overall Well Being

Posted by Zelo Holistic and Medical Weight Loss on


If you saw our post last week, or maybe you didn’t, we are diving into the microbiome and why it is so important. Both to weight maintenance but more importantly to your overall well being. Last week we gently planted the seed of what the microbiome is. So to touch back on that and to share a little more. The microbiome is the community of organisms both on us and in us. Taking a further look, there are actually more of the microbiome then there are of us. It’s about a 80/20 ratio, about 80% being this microbiome community, and...

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What is Ketosis Anyway

Posted by Dawn Pullin on


What is ketosis anyway?   Ketosis is when your body has switched from using glycogen (sugar and carbs) as it’s main energy source to using ketones or fat stores for energy. How can I get into ketosis? Well, there are a couple ways, starving yourself which is NO fun and while doing so you will breakdown your muscle. Muscle is extremely important for your basal metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories in a rested state) so we want to avoid that option. Another option is to nutritionally eat your way into ketosis, this will require a diet...

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What is the Microbiome and how does it affect our health

Posted by Zelo Holistic and Medical Weight Loss on


  The human microbiome is a community of microorganisms living on us and in us. This past week we have been talking at the clinic specifically about the digestive garden, from your mouth to the exit point. When this garden of organisms is healthy, it can be your best friend but when it’s not it can feel like your worst enemy. Always feeling like you are having to fight against something, or feeling like something is perpetually ‘not right’. A healthy garden has an abundance of diverse healthy microorganisms, and minimal amounts of detrimental species or “weeds” in your garden....

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Seven Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Posted by Michelle Williams on


Seven Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy Ease bloating and constipation issues Food that is difficult to digest it begins to build up in the colon. Waiting to be digested it will begin to ferment causing bloating. This build up can also lead to constipation as this fecal matter becomes hard an impacted in the colon. Hydrating this build up will allow it to loosen and be more easily passed through the colon. Increase energy As we start to clear fecal matter build up in the colon we are allowing our system to switch from putting energy into breaking down this build...

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Sugars and Carbs: Modern foods creating modern addictions

Posted by Michelle Williams on


America’s food today is drastically different then the many generations before us. With the modernization of quick and convenient came over processed, genetically modified, and chemically changed foods. Much of our food today has added sugars, some that we are not able to identify based on name, along with added chemicals to made them look and taste better. The issue with this change is the reaction it has on our brain. Sugar especially gives our brain the same dopamine dump that cocaine would. Fast food is modified with added chemicals and the right ratio of sugars and salts to make...

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