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Sexy is Not a Size

Posted by Zelo Holistic and Medical Weight Loss on


Sexy is not a size. Sexy is not standardized. The beauty in humanity is our uniqueness. So what is sexy? Sexy is taking care of yourself, respecting yourself, loving yourself, and being confident in all of your individuality. Unfortunately, media and marketing has tried to standardize what sexy looks like. On the other side of that, it is making strides to break that mold. BUT, could you imagine how boring it would be if every man and woman had all the same characteristics, all the same size? How much less beauty there would be? Sexy, at that point then, is...

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We Are a Year Old Today

Posted by Zelo Holistic and Medical Weight Loss on


  We a year old today! We would want to specifically thank our amazing clients. We are eternally grateful for you and we thank you for choosing Zelo with your weight loss and health goals. Health is the new wealth! I’d also like to specifically thank Dr. Julia and Michelle, and our families. Dr. Julia and Michelle are both extremely passionate about bringing value to this world, they both have unending stamina and the ability to remain positive, in at times, not so positive situations. I truly believe the three of us were brought together to share our passions, talents...

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Spring cleaning: Home, Mind, Body

Posted by Zelo Holistic and Medical Weight Loss on


During the winter months we tend to hibernate in our homes, and more specifically, in our bed. There's something comforting about crawling under the covers on a cold day or night and staying in our bed. Today, the sun reminds us how important it is to routinely spring clean and capture this time of longer days and warmth, it’s time to throw off those heavy covers and come out and play. Spring cleaning your home? Well we have that down. Pick an area, and start de-cluttering. Marie Kondo has shown us the way, hold the item and if it sparks...

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What is Sermorelin?

Posted by Zelo Holistic and Medical Weight Loss on


Sermorelin is a protein, peptide messenger that tells your pituitary gland to start producing more of your own DNA made Human Growth Hormones.  What are Human Growth Hormones for? Human Growth Hormones are in control of many things in our body including: sleep, skin, hair, nail, fat reduction, muscle gain, faster recovery time, pain relief…. The list goes on. Basically think of yourself at a younger age. Your skin was smooth and supple, it was easy for you to gain muscle, quicker to lose weight, you slept better, you recovered from workout and injuries faster… Sermorlin is giving you back...

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What Are Artificial Flavors and Food Coloring Really Doing to Our Bodies

Posted by Dawn Pullin on


Artificial flavorings stimulate the dopamine pathways in the brain, which create an addiction to junk food. Eating for a ‘dopamine hit’ means eating out of addiction; which can interfere with our ability to feel satisfied and full. Eating to satisfy a craving, can easily go beyond eating to satisfy hunger and interferes with intuitive eating. We want to embrace intuitive eating; which starts with food education and supporting the brain healing pathways with Zelo’s Brain Fuel. Just know that it takes about 6-weeks to reset the taste buds and when people first start cleaning up their diets, everything can taste...

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