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Why Counting Calories Isn't Working.

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How long have we been hearing that weight loss is all about calories in vs. calories out?

If it were that simple, why does it seem so many are still looking for a solution?


The human body is not a simple machine. Our bodies are intelligent, beautiful, dynamic vessels.

So what’s wrong with the calories in/calories out method?

Well, when it comes to fat… guess what?! Your fat is an organ! It is a hormone sensitive organ that responds to different factors.

When you are conscious about your fat and want to change the health of it, we can’t just look at calories. We have to look at things like inflammation, gut health, your relationship with food, your relationship with yourself, the types and quality of your food and nutrition. It is a MUCH bigger conversation.

If you are looking to change, improve and shift your fat stores you have to look beyond the “100 calorie” pack. Counting calories or consuming low calories is not the solution.

Research shows over and over that when we consciously under consume calories in order to cut back and lose weight, we will only see those benefits for about 6 months. Assuming that people want weight loss results that last longer than 6 months (and with no negative back slides of regain or metabolic disruption) we have to look at the bigger picture that fat is an organ. And much like healing and helping other organs, and our body as a whole, is not just about calories, it’s the source. That would be like saying I’m going to fix my liver with a low calorie diet and all of those calories still coming from alcohol and toxic food. Getting all of the nutrients our body needs is key in its success!


Written by Michelle Williams and Dr. Julia Stevens

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