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What is the Microbiome and how does it affect our health

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The human microbiome is a community of microorganisms living on us and in us.

This past week we have been talking at the clinic specifically about the digestive garden, from your mouth to the exit point.

When this garden of organisms is healthy, it can be your best friend but when it’s not it can feel like your worst enemy. Always feeling like you are having to fight against something, or feeling like something is perpetually ‘not right’.

A healthy garden has an abundance of diverse healthy microorganisms, and minimal amounts of detrimental species or “weeds” in your garden. To get this, we want to support your garden with food based fibers and prebiotic influences.

The basis of having a wide variety of microorganisms is to create a better environment. You will be better protected from modern day toxins and it will help your immunity. Your neurotransmitters are also created in the gut, thus improving brain function.

To build more diversity in your garden you can eat more plants and include eating or drinking a small amount of daily fermented foods, drink more water, and exercise.

Colon hydrotherapy can help to wash the colon with clean water and to assist in relieving any stagnation in the colon and overall re-balance the internal garden.


Written by Dr. Julia Stevens

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