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What is Ketosis Anyway

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What is ketosis anyway?


Ketosis is when your body has switched from using glycogen (sugar and carbs) as it’s main energy source to using ketones or fat stores for energy.

How can I get into ketosis?

Well, there are a couple ways, starving yourself which is NO fun and while doing so you will breakdown your muscle. Muscle is extremely important for your basal metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories in a rested state) so we want to avoid that option. Another option is to nutritionally eat your way into ketosis, this will require a diet high in fat, moderate protein and low carbs. This is also difficult, but certainly a better option than starving yourself and breaking down your muscle fibers. OR the other and much easier option, is to consume exogenous ketones. This is a very convenient way of switching your fuel source from glycogen to fat, in ketosis you will break down fat.

Always consult your physician prior to attempting any new diet or exercise program.

How does ketosis help with weight loss?

When you can switch your fuel source from glycogen to fat, your body will maintain its muscle while it uses fat stores as your primary source of energy and you become a metabolic fat burner. You will feel more satiated in a state of ketosis. There are personal accounts of how appetite and sugar and carb cravings have been significantly reduced or eliminated. Reducing cravings is a critical success factor to weight loss.

I’ve heard about ketosis and ketogenic diets, they always reference MCT’s, what is that?

MCT is Medium Chain Triglycerides (as compared to Long Chain Triglycerides-LCT) and is extracted from coconut oil. A primary benefit of MCT is their role in support of brain function, and enhancing cognition and brain activity. MCT’s can be converted into ketones (you are in ketosis when you have ketones in your blood). MCTs help increase metabolism, they are a perfect pairing to a healthy weight loss regimen. Studies suggest great satiety from an MCT-containing diet. That equates to less cravings which is important component in the quest for healthy weight management.

What if I am an athlete?

MCTs are a tremendous asset to athletes and those who engage in diligent weight training. MCTs will provide the missing energy source (when you are cutting calories or carbs), a very important key for muscle recovery. Additionally, research has shown that eating MCT-rich foods like coconut can increase a person’s ability to work out longer during high-intensity exercise.


Written by Dawn Pullin

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