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What Can a Coach Do for Me?

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We all have goals, they may range from waking up on time to being a successful CEO of your own company or beating your last marathon time. Often times we do not allow ourselves to pursue our goals out of the unknown (fear) and/or we don’t have the “how to”. Today, we can Google how to do just about anything, but what if you are already overwhelmed with data, statistics, have worry and stress in life? Sound familiar? 


The last thing you want to do is add more data to your brain. A coach can use their expertise (and their data) in their field and together you will co-create a road map to the goal. A coach can help you see things you can’t see on your own, like the road map, and your potential. Doing this together, allows the fear to subside, the plan is co-created, and now you are equipped to pursue.


Let me back up, why do we have goals, what’s the purpose, what’s the “why”? If you can define your “why?” you are leaps and bounds ahead of the game, when you cannot define your why, you may be on the path of “try”.


“We need to get out of the idea of ‘I’m going to try’, and instead make a full commitment to change. When we do this we will see lasting change.” – Tony Robins.


One of THE most common goals in the United States is weight loss (70% of our population is either obese or overweight) and the most understood. Because of that, this is a noisy space with many, many recommendations to losing the weight. Talk about “Google” overload and too many statistics and too much data! Eat Keto, eat Paleo, it's all about calories in vs. calories out, don't eat gluten, fat is bad for you, eat for your blood type, eat less exercise more, do these exercises for slimmer goes on and on.


How do you find the right plan for you? And more importantly, how do you know if you are on a plan that will offer meaningful change? Zelo not only offers weight loss coaching, we also offer a way to gather data specifically about YOU and your metabolism. We take the guess work out, which saves both time and money (you’re not trying every new fad diet or exercise program), AND STRESS! You can rely on our expertise.


People and professionals have life coaches, counselors, financial advisers, business coaches, health care providers… the list goes on. We ‘hire’ the people to help us achieve our goals in the areas that we are not masters of.


Why hire a coach?

  1. You hire an expert to experience meaningful change.
  2. Your coach provides you with knowledge to execute the biggest impact on your life.
  3. Your coach will hold you accountable to the co-created a plan.
  4. A coach watches your performance and communicates feedback. They are engaged with you and your goals.
  5. A good coach will empower you to become a champion of your own life.

Obtaining a coach is empowering, just ask any one of Tony Robbins’ groupies. Coaching might just be the missing link you’ve been experiencing to get you from a goal and a desire to achievement. The journey begins with your ‘why’, then you must take massive action and do it different this time!


Written by Dawn Pullin and Michelle Williams

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