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We Are a Year Old Today

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We a year old today! We would want to specifically thank our amazing clients. We are eternally grateful for you and we thank you for choosing Zelo with your weight loss and health goals. Health is the new wealth!

I’d also like to specifically thank Dr. Julia and Michelle, and our families. Dr. Julia and Michelle are both extremely passionate about bringing value to this world, they both have unending stamina and the ability to remain positive, in at times, not so positive situations. I truly believe the three of us were brought together to share our passions, talents and vision with each other and Zelo. Our families, I cannot express my gratitude enough for our families, for without our families, we would not be here today as they provided financial, emotional and spiritual support all year long. Thank you Kelly, Tawnee, Dr. Jeremiah, Susan, Dani and Jonny for believing in us and supporting our passion and dreams. With that said, I want to transition to the realness of a start-up business. Stress.

Experiencing stress is human. Denying that you experience any stress can lead to the internalization of that emotion and the inability to address it. If you are not addressing stress, it can show up as anxiety, weight gain, and feeling blah.

How did we handle stress over the last year? We communicated often, as uncomfortable as those conversations have been, we had to have them; we constantly revisited our vision and mission, repeated our mantra and we consistently relied on our supplements and vitamins for nutritional support

Adrenal Care-This herbal adaptogen supports healthy adrenal balance by maintaining healthy cortisol (stress hormone) levels during periods of stress. We notice better sleep, and feeling grounded.

Brain Fuel-This supplement’s first ingredient, phosphatidyserine, plays an important role in keeping your mind and memory sharp.

Keto Fuel-Exogenous ketones to help regulate energy levels, our formula has added MCT oil, dubbed a super fuel, quick energy and can be converted into ketones for use by the brain.

Vitamin Therapy-B12 for energy and other B complex vitamins to help the central nervous system. We personally notice better mood and sleep.

“The same nutrients that help your body handle stress, are also used in the natural process of fat metabolism.” Dr. Julia Stevens

We all got lucky, we hit the jackpot in the realm of support, from family to nutrition.

Here’s to year 2!!



Written by Dawn Pullin

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