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The Microbiome: Weight Maintenance and Overall Well Being

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If you saw our post last week, or maybe you didn’t, we are diving into the microbiome and why it is so important. Both to weight maintenance but more importantly to your overall well being.

Last week we gently planted the seed of what the microbiome is. So to touch back on that and to share a little more. The microbiome is the community of organisms both on us and in us. Taking a further look, there are actually more of the microbiome then there are of us. It’s about a 80/20 ratio, about 80% being this microbiome community, and about 20% human cells. So it’s safe to speculate that the microbiome very much controls how we feel overall, wouldn’t you say?

The internal microbiome life forms (mainly were are touching on the gut for this conversation) play a huge role in how we digest our food and absorb our nutrients. Also, 80% of your immunity stems from your gut and neurotransmitters are made in the gut, even though they are acting on the brain. That’s a big deal!

Today we are going to be talking specifically about the weeds in our garden (gut).

Our garden can get stripped. For example, antibiotics will strip our garden, and we can use probiotics to replenish it.

We need to have diverse, healthy organisms in our gut. However, we can also get an overabundance of weeds. Especially if you have done a low calorie diet or if you have taken a strategic shift in the foods you are eating. Sometimes we will have these lingering weeds that haven’t tuned over or haven’t died appropriately and we want to be sure to clear those out.

When it comes to weight maintenance and situations where people have experienced weight loss, the garden inside you is a big deal in holding onto your results. This is where we start when we work with clients after a weight loss program to ensure the maintenance. 

How do you know if you have weeds in your garden?                      

  • Cravings that seem inappropriate and out of place
  • Gas and bloating (especially stinky, foul gas)
  • Certain foods you eat that immediately cause bloat

These are some good clues and you can start to put the pieces together.

We use natural herbs to weed the garden. There are different antibiotics that are available, but we find they tend to just perpetuate the problem.

A great one that we love to use is GI Microb-X. It’s an easy to swallow capsule, one in the morning, one at night that gently weeds the garden. In the next phase we will start to incorporate a pre and pro biotic.

This garden is so important in weight maintenance because when it is healthy it will consume up to 15% of our calorie intake, and will be able to properly digest and use what we eat.

Also, as we stated early our neurotransmitter and immunity lie in our gut, so it is very important for our overall wellbeing. So if you feel like how your gut is feeling is playing into your feeling overall, your exactly right. These go hand in hand.

So, eat your plants, drink your water, get plenty of movement, and consider a cleanse to clear the weeds from the garden.


Written by Michelle Williams and Dr. Julia Stevens

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