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Sugars and Carbs: Modern foods creating modern addictions

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America’s food today is drastically different then the many generations before us. With the modernization of quick and convenient came over processed, genetically modified, and chemically changed foods.

Much of our food today has added sugars, some that we are not able to identify based on name, along with added chemicals to made them look and taste better.

The issue with this change is the reaction it has on our brain.

Sugar especially gives our brain the same dopamine dump that cocaine would. Fast food is modified with added chemicals and the right ratio of sugars and salts to make us addicted to them, thus we return to the drive thru over and over again.

Have you ever tried to go a few days of not eating sugar, junk food, fast food or carbs and find yourself thinking about it and craving it?

This makes it so hard to stop eating these modern foods. Not to mention advertising that makes us drool at our television screen.

So how do we break this cycle?

Well, like I stated above, a lot of people think about this food when they try to eliminate it from their diets. This is where some good nutrition steps in. Nourishing our brain and energy centers will give us the satisfaction for the lack of junk and sugar.

Some great ways to nourish our brains and energy centers are:

Ketone salts. Zelo’s Keto fuel is a great energy source that is not a stimulant. It helps to flip the fuel source for our bodies from sugar and carbs to fat. Fat is a more efficient and longer lasting fuel source and doesn’t give us the spikes and dips in energy.

Brain Food. Fats are great brain fuel. You can find great fats in food like avocados, coconut oil, nuts, grass fed butter etc. Brain Fuel, another Zelo product is a great way to get healthy fats and help with stress management.

Vitamin Therapy is a compound of different B’s and other vitamins that provide your whole body with good nutrition and support. From helping with fat metabolism, liver support and energy and mood enhancement, you will notice a curb in sugar and carb cravings as a result of nourishment and system support.

Finally, balancing your endocrine system. The endocrine system controls all of your hormones, adrenals, stress etc. Zelo’s Endocrine Balance does exactly that. If you are feeling tense and wound up it will calm you, and if you are feeling down and have low energy it will lift you up. It is an adaptogen that responds directly to what your body needs.

Life is for living, and living optimally. We understand that no one is going to eliminate modern foods completely, but feeling amazing on a day to day basis should not just be a dream. Luckily, along with modern foods and modern lifestyle come modern solutions.


Check out Dr. Julila's video on sugar and carb addictions 


Written by Michelle Williams


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