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Stress and Weight Gain

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Hello Zelo Friends!

Here we are, the end of June, 2019! Can you believe it? It seems like it took a couple weeks to get settled in with the kiddos out of school, vacations scheduled or taken and now the 4th of July quickly approaching. It seems like change is constant and well, stressful. Which reminds me of a saying I’ve often heard Dr. Julia say, “The same nutrients that help with stress, help metabolize fat.” When I heard that I was so excited to know I could accomplish 2 goals with one product. Before I reveal the product, and benefits, I want to go over why stress may influence your weight.

Do you remember learning about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in high school or college? Yeah, me either. Here’s a quick summary from

The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for intense physical activity and is often referred to as the fight-or-flight response. The parasympathetic nervous system has almost the exact opposite effect and relaxes the body and inhibits or slows many high energy functions.

The parasympathetic system is often referred to as the “rest and digest” system and the sympathetic system is known as the “fight or flight” system. When we are under constant and chronic stress, we are in “fight or flight” and this triggers all types of hormones, cortisol is one of them.


The long-term activation of the stress-response system and the overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones that follows can disrupt almost all your body's processes. This puts you at increased risk of many health problems, including:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Digestive problems
    • Headaches
    • Heart disease
    • Sleep problems
    • Weight gain
    • Memory and concentration impairment

Here’s the good news, the ONE product I mentioned above for addressing stress and fat metabolism is lipotropic or as we refer to it, vitamin therapy.

What is it? Lipo means fat and tropic means stimulate, lipotropic helps with fat metabolism and the benefits of lipotropic injections (along with diet and exercise) are: 

  • Reduce stored fat.
  • Improve metabolism (improving fat burning).
  • Increase energy levels.
  • Improve function of the liver and liver detoxification.
  • Preserve lean body tissue (muscle).
  • Improve mood and mental clarity.
  • As a bonus, helpful for those pesky, summer hangovers.

In honor of your ability to keep going during times of stress, Zelo would like to offer you a single dose of our most popular blend at a 35% savings!!! For the month of July, sample our vitamin therapy for $12.99 as compared to $19.99. It’s important to learn healthy ways to cope with your life stressors, vitamin therapy is one of those ways. Call to set up your appointment now, 509-922-9909 or text me at 509-866-5301.

With Love, 


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