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Spring cleaning: Home, Mind, Body

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During the winter months we tend to hibernate in our homes, and more specifically, in our bed. There's something comforting about crawling under the covers on a cold day or night and staying in our bed. Today, the sun reminds us how important it is to routinely spring clean and capture this time of longer days and warmth, it’s time to throw off those heavy covers and come out and play.

Spring cleaning your home? Well we have that down. Pick an area, and start de-cluttering. Marie Kondo has shown us the way, hold the item and if it sparks joy, keep it. No? Get rid of it. Easy.

But what about spring cleaning your head and your heart? Who do we look to for that?! And why would we do that, it seems like a lot of work and to be honest, extremely scary.

Well, we could do the Marie Kondo approach, "Does this thought spark joy?" "Does this feeling in my heart spark joy?" Yes? Keep it. No, get rid of it. If it were only that easy. Much of our thoughts and feelings are built out of habits, and habits come from beliefs, and where do we get our beliefs? Our parents, society, social media, religion, life experiences. BUT what do YOU believe, what do YOU feel? Just like any new habit or skill, it will take time and repetition to build that muscle. Audit your thoughts and feelings and ask yourself, "Whose voice is this, is it mine, my parents, society?" And, "Is it true?"

As a weight loss company, you may wondering, "How does the act or intention of spring cleaning relate to Zelo?"

At Zelo, we believe that new habits and new beginnings start with the realization that we need a fresh start, releasing those past thoughts of nonbelief in yourself and leaving behind the belief that weight loss has to painful and not attainable for you.

Zelo has witnessed consistent weight loss, sustainable weight loss, and we consistently hear, "I FEEL so much better." Our client "Tami" shared with us that she's spending time outdoors with her young daughter now, where in the past she would have made an excuse not to go play because she was constantly tired. Zelo is here to tell you that it’s time to play, clear the clutter and begin those new habits and skills this spring. 

You are not alone, you do not need to figure this out on your own. Zelo has many tools and we will provide a program that fits your goals, we will walk beside you and shoulder to shoulder, we will work towards your goals. Spring is one of the best times to reset, reboot, and restart. 


Written by Dawn Pullin

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