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Sexy is Not a Size

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Sexy is not a size. Sexy is not standardized.

The beauty in humanity is our uniqueness.

So what is sexy?

Sexy is taking care of yourself, respecting yourself, loving yourself, and being confident in all of your individuality.

Unfortunately, media and marketing has tried to standardize what sexy looks like. On the other side of that, it is making strides to break that mold. BUT, could you imagine how boring it would be if every man and woman had all the same characteristics, all the same size? How much less beauty there would be?

Sexy, at that point then, is an energy that radiates from with-in. Have you ever met someone who didn’t look like this ‘super model mold’ but they radiated so much confidence, positive energy, self-care, and self-love? Think about how attractive that person was, both visually and energetically!

Sexy is about who you are and how you live. If you see value in yourself, everyone else will see that too.

So how does this relate to Zelo? How do we help you get there?

Zelo always meets you where you are. Whether you have tried many things in the past, or are just starting your journey. Now, we understand that weight loss may be a part of your journey, we are not saying it is a 'bad' thing to want to lose weight. The difference is your mind set and your approach. Doing it for yourself rather than for someone else, because you love yourself, not because you hate yourself. At Zelo we act as a catalyst and support system in the change of your mind set about living your best life.

We want you to get to your goals in a healthy, sustainable way. Zelo is not a diet plan, it’s not a fad, and it’s not necessarily a quick fix. Zelo is a lifestyle. It’s the start and the maintenance of change that betters your life for the long term.

The way Zelo implements a lifestyle change and success long term is by really understanding where you are starting from. Looking at your health in all aspects; mind, body, diet, your relationship towards food and your body, and inner self talk. From there we set up a coaching plan that consists of accountability, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. When mindset and habits are changed, the results are much more sustainable. Getting confident with Zelo means learning to love yourself and your journey.

We provide the tools and support to help you feel at your best and most confident.

  • Making sure you have all of the right nutrients to sustain your energy and overall well-being.
  • Providing cleansing, which helps to keep your body functioning properly and to rid any toxic burden.
  • Metabolism support and reboot.
  • Hormone support
  • Zelo’s App and Smart Scale along with personal coaching so you can stay on track anytime, anywhere.

Reach out to a Zelo Coach today to map out your journey to confidence and well-being.

Life is for living.


Written by Michelle Williams

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  • I love everything about this!!

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