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Seven Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

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Seven Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

  1. Ease bloating and constipation issues

Food that is difficult to digest it begins to build up in the colon. Waiting to be digested it will begin to ferment causing bloating. This build up can also lead to constipation as this fecal matter becomes hard an impacted in the colon. Hydrating this build up will allow it to loosen and be more easily passed through the colon.

  1. Increase energy

As we start to clear fecal matter build up in the colon we are allowing our system to switch from putting energy into breaking down this build up for eliminating and detoxifying to other functions. This helps to ease the feeling of fatigue as our body is able to focus on other responsibilities.

  1. Jump start weight loss

The average person holds 10 to 15 pounds of waste in their colon. Our colon can stretch to an amazing size, able to hold about 8 meals. Although colon hydrotherapy is not a weight loss treatment, unloading that extra weight our colon holds onto will help us feel (and physically be) lighter and maintain the flow of fecal matter to maintain a lighter colon.

  1. Improve overall wellness

Our colon is a large controller of our overall health. Our systems number one job is to constantly detox, keeping our system clean so it does not die. When our body is over burdened by trying to detox it turns off less important functions. We will begin to feel sluggish, fatigued, anxious, stressed, depressed… to name a few. We also will be reabsorbing the toxins sitting in our colon. Our liver will have so many toxins to try and filter that it will begin storing what it can’t filter in our fat and we eventually become a toxic vessel. However, with all of this cleared out, our system works more optimally and balanced, giving energy to all of our functions, and leaving us feeling an overall abundance of wellness.

  1. Improve absorption of nutrients

Fecal matter build up in the colon eventually starts to harden on the colon wall. Colon hydrotherapy eventually will clean the colon walls, allowing us to absorb nutrients and vitamins more efficiently.

  1. More effective digestive system

It is much easier for our colon to do its job properly when it only has to focus on digesting a small amount of food at a time rather than large amount. With a cleaner colon it takes less work to digest, making it easier for our system to do its job, and eliminate the rest.

  1. Lower toxicity

Toxins get into our body in many ways. Food, drinks, cleaning chemicals, through our skin, the air we breathe… the list goes on. As our body processes these toxins and it is our colons job to eliminate 80% of them! Thus, the buildup of fecal matter means a buildup of toxins. This can lead to many different health issues, from skin abnormalities like acne to more serious issues such as cancer.


Written by Michelle Williams

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