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Metabolic Rejuvenation: Mind + Body... How to Start Off on the Right Foot

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We all want to start programs off on the right foot. And, we all know how unsatisfying it feels to start something we are really excited about, unprepared. All the hype can instantly go away, when in reality, it is so easy to get prepared for something you are looking forward to. 

Here are something’s you can make sure you do, from start to finish, to ensure you are ready to go at every stage. 

  1. Very first and foremost, make sure that you have enough time to allow for the full program. Riding on a deadline that doesn’t allow for the full program may mean you could lose some of the results you gain. On the other hand, if you have a deadline and the program is able to come to competition beforehand that is a beautiful thing. Deadlines can be a great form of motivation.

  2. Preparation! This is so key. Especially when it comes to food. Make sure you fully understand what you are supposed to be eating and when. Your loading days versus your restricted calorie days. Do you have the right food items ready and prepped in your fridge? Make it easy on yourself by preparing all of your food items. We have all been so hungry that we go for something we typically wouldn’t. Having your food ready to eat, washed, chopped, and cooked is the best way to help you stay on track.

This is the type of program that if you follow it exactly, you will get great results!

  1. Ask your coach if you feel like you may need extra support on your program. We have a few different add-ons that can help you through the program.

Magnesium: helps if you are feeling constipated.

Keto-Fuel: appetite suppression and also a MUST if you are wanting to exercise while on this program.

Vitamin Therapy: this comes with your program, and is very synergistic with it. Helping with energy, mental clarity, fat burning and metabolizing, liver support, and appetite suppression.

You are going to do great! Make sure you have all of these things in line and you will be starting your program on the right foot.

Crush your goals!  

Check out Dr. Julia’s Video HERE to see what hiccups can come up when you don’t prepare.

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