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Meet Amy

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Hello Zelo Friends!

I’d like to introduce my dear, dear friend Amy. I met Amy back in December of 2018 –just 6-months ago. Amy had a friend who was a Zelo client and she had been noticing her friend’s transformation. Amy wanted in on whatever her friend was doing. Amy has given me permission to share her incredible story.

Unbeknownst to me when I first met Amy she had been grieving for months over the loss of her younger sister, who was her BFF and soulmate. Amy came across as kind, compassionate and wanted help with how she was feeling. She knew if she could release some weight, she’d feel better and have more energy. 

Side Note: Amy and Thad are raising 8 children, 2 bio, 6 special needs adopted. With the support of her husband, Amy was all in, she did not hesitate once we went over the details of the program. Amy was ready for a change.

Amy left her consultation with a smart scale, Keto Fuel, an InBody Scan (body composition data) and her 6-week fat loss peptide (HCG), and vitamin therapy were on order. She weighed in at 247.5 lbs.

Amy started her first 6-week round in January and finished the round the end of February 2019. Her data showed that she had released 23.8 lbs. The next phase was about stabilizing the weight loss. Amy was coached to stabilize her weight loss for the next 6-weeks. She had a 4 lb. window that she could fluctuate with her weight.

Why? During this phase of HCG, we are communicating to the body and brain that this is a new set point (=weight). Amy shared with me that she had never stabilized her weight loss---EVER. She would diet, gain the weight back, diet, and gain the weight back. Sound familiar?

Amy skillfully stabilized her weight for 6-weeks, and discovered during this phase that her body does not like certain carbohydrates (bread specifically), she felt, well she didn’t feel good after eating bread. Dr. Julia Stevens recommended 3 supplements for her during this period that offered nutritional support as well as setting her up for her next round. Amy continued with the Vitamin Therapy (which she stated “literally saved my life” as she was on the verge of, in her words, “losing her shit” back in January) and Keto Fuel and added colon hydrotherapy.

After weeks of stabilizing her weight, Amy was ready to take on another 6-week round of HCG. She was feeling amazing, and was heading to Mexico in June, 2019—she had goals. That journey began on April 23, 2019, and was a different journey than her first round. 

On May 20th, Amy hit the 204 lb. mark, she was doing amazing and would soon be in the 100's, buh-bye 200's!!!  Amy and I would communicate over text messages, the app and I would watch her data daily. I was cheering her on from the sidelines. I was proud of her. On May 25th, I pinged her on the app and asked where she went? She quit weighing in.

Remember Amy’s grief over losing her sister, her soulmate, her best friend? That grief had come back and she described it as excruciating, physical pain and it had triggered her binge eating and old eating habits. She feared getting back on the scale and feared failure. Amy being Amy, she followed that comment up with, “the only way to fail is to quit.”

She didn’t quit, she got back on the program and I noticed a complete turnaround. Amy communicated to me that she believed her entire purpose of her Zelo journey was to heal. You see, the program isn’t just about releasing weight, it’s about healing, it’s about being brave, and it’s about believing in yourself. I am truly honored to be a part of Amy’s growth and healing, and that she trusted me enough to tell me what she was going through. Today, Amy is stabilizing her weight around 207 lbs.  , bravely tries on clothes from the regular section (her words) and is heading to Cancun on the first day of summer!!! Amy, you inspire me. I hope her story inspires you as well.

With Love,



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