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I started Zelo’s Lean Body Program yesterday…. Here’s what happened so far.

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Let’s be real, I am really good at starting programs then fading out. Kind of my M.O. But this time, with a changed mindset, I have entered this program with a desire to see it to the end!

I originally started this program thinking that it was a 21-day deal. Turns out, it is only a 14-day commitment, and let me tell you, I feel so much surer about my ability to complete the program (I actually believe in myself).  I think that was one of my biggest challenges… starting a program with restrictions for a longer period than I could handle. Looking into a long tunnel is much more daunting than one you can see the light at the end from the get go.

Excited to start my first day: I headed to the grocery store and got all the foods I would need for this week. Having them all on hand is a sure fire way that you don’t step off the path (I’m telling you this from experience). With my artillery, I am ready and my confidence is high.

Day one: I was fairly hungry in the morning (this is normal for me). I had my first shake and supplements, aka breakfast, at 8am with my morning coffee. Not only did this yummy chocolate shake satisfy my taste buds, but honestly it kept me full until lunch! If you know me like I know me, I am very much a grazer, eating consistently all day. But on day-one, I had no desire to do so.

I had a delicious wholesome lunch that gave me energy instead of nap time feels. A lunch that my body truly desired, I used food for fuel. Imagine… real fuel. I felt full, energized, light, and satisfied. Things I normally don’t feel after lunch. I had a few bites of an apple around 4 pm, but honestly couldn’t even finish it.

I don’t remember the last time I was ever full and satisfied until dinner, and as a bonus, there was no dip in my energy levels.

Another real aspect about me, when I get home from work, I crave something to munch on, and typically it’s something sweet. My mind going to its habitual after work snack mode, I had to remind myself, “Do NOT break down on the first day. You aren’t even hungry. This is all a matter of the mind.”

Cravings, especially sugar cravings, are a bitch and I was not going to let them win this time.

I ate around 5:30 pm. I thanked myself for the quinoa salad I had prepared, “Good Job Me!” with a side of black beans. Still, I would say not especially hungry. Then having my second shake at 6 pm.

Being active is another thing I am working into this program, I want to get lean. Why? For one, I want to be strong for the upcoming ski season, and two, let’s be honest, to be sexy! I took my lil pups on an evening walk, it was a long walk and then I did some light exercise to get my heart pumping.

Here is the amazing part of my evening, NO late-night snack cravings. None, zip, zero. Not even a thought. Woohoo! Very much a breakthrough for me.

Day two:  I did not get hungry until 9-ish this morning. I typically would wake up feeling hungry and I believe it has something to do with my late night grazing. I feel absolutely amazing. My stomach is already feeling flatter, my mind feels sharper, and my typical cravings have not flooded my brain.

14 Days is going to be perfect for me, and with how I feel after day one, I cannot wait to see where I am at after day 14! Stay tuned, I’ll blog more about my journey.



  1. Mindset: You have to decide! Are you ready to feel better, be better, and accomplish a goal you’ve had for a long time? More importantly are you doing it for you, or everyone else? For years I was depressed about my image, and tried making changes to please other people or to look like other women. This time around, yes I want to be sexy… but I want to be sexy for me. My version of sexy could be different than someone else’s version of sexy, and that’s fine because I can only compare myself to me. And, I want to feel good! I want to feel healthy, energized, sharp, light, and alive!


  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew: – Meaning, don’t start a big, long program if you haven’t already been living that lifestyle, or if you haven’t adjusted your mindset towards that. I truly feel that is why I would fade out of programs I started. It was too much, too long, and I got overwhelmed before I started. This also applies to exercise for me. In my mind I thought, “I have those P90X videos that I will start on this program” but when it came time for that my mind was like gosh that is just too much. Instead of not working out (which I would normally do when faced with daunting exercise), I went for a walk and did some light exercises, focusing on legs for skiing.


  1. PREPARE: So, so important. I have learned many times from this error. I get really excited to start a program that I jump in without all of the proper preparation and tools, then I don’t follow through. ---Get everything you need. Prep your food; wash, cut, cook, even put meals into their own daily serving containers. Everything you can do to make it easy on yourself, because why make it hard, right?


  1. Stay active: It doesn’t have to be P90X or Insanity, just go on a dang walk for 40 minutes. It’s so simple, and if you haven’t been active up to this point, your body will definitely thank you for that walk! Endorphins do the mind and body good.


  1. Hunger: The most important questions to ask yourself before you go off the rails, “Is this a mental or habitual craving? Am I truly hungry?” Drink some water and see if that takes it away, distract yourself with other activities (take a walk, call a friend). If the water and distractions do not work, munch on a healthy snack. When that happened to me on day one, I had a handful of almonds and that sensation went away and I realized I wasn’t hungry at all, it was a habit.


Good luck on your health endeavors and journey.

At Zelo, we are here to personalize a weight loss program for you, and along the way we will support, coach and inspire you to stay on the course. We’re like practically friends now.

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