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How to Begin Healing the Microbiome

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Earlier this week we blogged and posted a YouTube video discussing the microbiome on weight maintenance and overall well-being. We discussed signs and symptoms such as:

1) Belching, fowl gas

2) Bloating

3) Cravings

As a refresher from the YouTube video, there are several reasons why the microbiome becomes unbalanced: antibiotics, sudden change in diet, yo-yo dieting, processed foods, lack of colorful fruits and vegetables, eating habits (i.e. eating while stressed, eating while driving, not chewing your food), and quality of foods (GMO’s, artificial food coloring, artificial sweetener).

Now let’s address ways to heal the microbiome.

One simple way would be to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, this is your rest and digest system (how we approach eating our food).


Taking 6 deep breathes before eating, giving gratitude for the food before you (prayer), making sure we aren’t eating in front of our electronics, being present while we eat, and thoroughly chewing your food (counting up to 40).

We can also aid in the healing process with the types of foods we eat.

Focus on foods like:

* Bone Broth: this heals the gut lining (have you heard of leaky gut), it’s easy to digest, soothing to the gut and filled with minerals and amino acids.

* Plant Based foods: these foods break down into fiber that feed the “good” bacteria, make sure they are deep colors (blueberries, broccoli), switching to pea protein.

* Fermented Foods (living cultures): i.e. kombucha, sour kraut, kimchi, yogurt, etc.

* Healthy Fats: avocado, MCT oil, grass fed butter, etc.

Other ways to begin the healing of our microbiome:

* Colon Hydrotherapy.

* GI Microb-X.

* Living healthy, exercise, sleeping well and managing your stress.


Written by Dawn Pullin

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