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"Fed Up"

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We recently watched “Fed Up” on Amazon Prime, produced by Katie Couric. It addresses obesity in America and how much sugar is contributing, if not causing this health issue. Did you know that in the United States, it is estimated that 93 million Americans are affected by obesity.  One take away from the documentary was how we need to eat more metabolic repairing foods.

What are metabolic repairing foods?

  • A variety of plant based foods, fruits and
  • vegetables
  • Nuts/Seeds
  • Clean meats (organic, grass fed) in moderate portions
  • Beans, legumes

We are eating foods to feed the garden of the gut. Remember last week’s blog? We spoke about the microbiome, and gut health. Eat to feed the garden and watch yourself slim down.

Eliminate from your diet (or on rare occasions):

  • Processed or junk food
  • White sugar---AVOID
  • White flour---AVOID
  • Dairy
  • Vegetable Oils---AVOID
  • Sweeteners (stevia and some others are the exception*)

Metabolic repair begins in the gut. At Zelo, you can start with our “Starter Pack” that includes the Zelo App and Smart Scale. We will begin tracking macros (not calories) and take note of what you are eating, we want data. Your team will watch and apply strategies to get you to your goal. In addition, we honor that stress is counterproductive to healing the metabolism and recommend the following supplements to address not only the gut, but stress (reminder: the nutrients that help with weight loss also help with stress and vice versa):

  • GI Revive and GI Microb-X (helps weed the gut garden and helps tremendously with bloating)
  • Vitamin Therapy (water soluble nutrition for stress and weight loss)
  • Keto Fuel (supplement to switch from using glycogen for fuel to fat for fuel)
  • MCT oil (try our MCT Colada, Halle Barry loves it and so do we, helps with feeling satiated)
  • Adrenal Support (this is an herbal adaptogen, it will adapt to your stress needs)

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