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We take a different approach to health and weight. Recognizing that everyone is different, and we all have our own version of what health looks like.

Zelo treats fat as an organ, and gives it special attention to heal your metabolism from the inside out.

We look at common issues such as missing nutrients or wacky hormones, and we use a European approach to reset your metabolic set point to a lower percent body fat.

We call our approach Metabolic Rejuvenation.

Zelo meets you where you are. Taking a deeper look at your goals, body composition, and hormones to see what program is right for you.

Our goal is to heal the metabolism and the body. We work by category, fixing and assisting at a functional level, healing the systems of your body and clearing the clutter that make our bodies work against us.

When we can put our entire body back in order, by every category, we will likely not have to do it again. All of the clutter is gone, everything is in proper place, and systems are running the way they were meant to. We are no longer constantly trying to pick away at the accumulation, it's all taken care of, making it easier to maintain.


Prescription Therapies


This is our rapid fat loss program. HCG peptides work directly with the hypothalamus in the brain (the regulator of your body's percentage of fat), resetting your metabolism and defining a new set point of your percent body fat.


These lipotropic injections help with energy, mental clarity, focus, appetite suppression, mood enhancement, fat metabolization and fat burning.


Change your body composition. This is a messenger to your pituitary gland, telling it to start producing more of your own human growth hormones, made from your DNA. Increase lean muscle mass, improve skin elasticity, better sleep, quicker recovery times, and so much more. This tool has many benefits.


Is there more going on with your metabolism? Have you wondered if its your hormones, food, or are you missing key nutrients?

We use functional lab testing to personalized your solution.

Types of testing...


Have you been concerned about heart disease and diabetes? Having trouble losing weight?

This panel is specific to how you body handles sugar, fat and inflammation in your blood.


Fat is a hormone sensitive organ and our hormones work together like a symphony. We test to see if you are in balance to personalize your approach.


A functional blood analysis looking at your last 6 month of nutrition intake. There are 30 key nutrients that we test for, over half of them directly play into your metabolism.

Food Intolerance

Our body uses fat to fight inflammation. If we are eating inflammatory foods it could hinder our weight loss. Find out what specific foods are inflammatory for you.


Contact us to schedule a consultation to see if one of these labs is right for you.


Complimentary Initial Consultations

Trying to figure out where to start or whats best for you? Great, Zelo meets you where you are.

Medical Consultations

Our Naturopathic Doctor's goal is to act in the cooperation of the healing power of nature. To address the fundamental cause of the issue and to treat the whole person through individualized treatment.

Consultation length based on medical complexity.

Personal Coaching

We work with you to discover your perfect plan. Personal coaches are here to help you find your focus and achieve your goals. Our purpose is to maximize your potential in the intentions you set for yourself.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Safe and easy treatment to support bodies natural elimination. Releasing modern toxins to optimize your digestion and elimination. Fat soluble toxins that aren't released get stored.

Did you know that 80% of your toxins release through your colon?

Also offering Standard Process and Medi Herb Supplements. Purchase upon professional recommendation.

Not sure where to start with supplements? Take our Symptom Survey...

Our system survey is a quick survey to see how the different systems in your body are functioning. With this we are able to personalized a supplement regimen with Standard Process and Medi Herb Products.

The goal of the ketogenic diet is to burn fat and optimize the metabolism. In a ketogenic state, the body uses primarily fat for energy instead of carbohydrates; with low levels of carbohydrates, fats can be converted into ketones to fuel the body for energy. Beyond fat loss and increased lean muscle, this process leads to many other health benefits!

Zelo, in partnership with Dr. David Graves, is offering a Keto Summit education series and a personalized keto program to help you achieve your health and body composition goals.

You can expect many of the following benefits:

Fat Loss
Sustained Energy
Reduced Brain Fog
Increased Awareness
Increased Focus
Appetite Suppression
Increased Muscle Strength
Better Mood
Decreased Pain and Inflammation
Better Sleep
Better Digestion & Gut Health
Clear Skin

Check out the Keto Summit Video Series 
Get started now! Fill out the Keto Success Survey

We are able to serve all of Washington State through our HIPPA Secured Telemedicine platform.

Zelo rebuilds the body from the inside out. Focusing on 3 main categories...


Zelo starts with the knowledge that our bodies are smart, complex systems with intuitions that are valuable to heal. We encourage you to listen to your body and your intuition, only you can sense you. Stemming from a position of self love and self worth to get you on a path of truly feeling comfortable in your own skin, and OWNING it!


Next we use a time tested European approach to target the release of stored white fat. Working through the hypothalamus in the brain (the regulator of your body's percentage of fat), resetting your metabolism, and defining a new set point of your fat percentage.
We are looking not at 'weight', but how much of your weight is fat. This solution targets your fat stores and protects your muscle, so we can then start to improve you body composition. 


Giving real life solutions to maintaining a healthy, self-running metabolism. We strive to bring balance back into your metabolism, body and mind. Again, we have many tools in our box to get the whole body and its functions balanced, but it's all about finding what is right for you and your lifestyle.
The goal is to make you feel as healthy as possible. When our thoughts, emotions, food, body, organs, and functions are aligned with who we are and what we believe, we find an undeniable harmony that makes us feel self love and self worth.

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